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What is ARC© Clarity Elixir?
With the infinite distractions in life it can be virtually impossible to focus. Burnout Prevention with Nootropics shot helps you experience what it’s like when routine tasks become effortless.


ARC© is a 2.5 OZ beverage designed by a physician and group of professionals who have a passion for creating the most natural and effective products. Our collective Burnout Prevention with Nootropics shot experience enabled us to create a beverage that significantly enhances cognitive focus. Through a combination of hand selected ingredients known for their qualitative and cumulative effects, arc serves as the catalyst to super-fuel focus and mental clarity for those routine, time consuming tasks.


The Burnout Prevention with Nootropics shot is designed for students, athletes and professionals and anyone looking to super-fuel their focus. Sustained mental energy has proven difficult to harness. Our product has been scientifically designed to promote a balanced mental focus for those individuals who seek peak performance through more natural means. Designed by athletes, built by doctors, backed by science.

What could I expect to feel?
Arc© serves as the pathway to sustained mental energy without the jitters from artificial stimulants. Many describe the Burnout Prevention with Nootropics shot feeling after taking ARC© as euphoric that promotes a balanced focus for up to 4 hours at a time.


Why it was designed and why it’s better


Fatigue often sets in effecting productivity, making it almost impossible maintain the stamina and focus necessary to finish the job. It's why several years ago my partners and I, sick of feeling unfocused, and left with very few options, created a supplement to enhance lasting mental focus. While there are several energy products on the market today, our Burnout Prevention with Nootropics shot product utilizes a natural scientific blend to promote clarity and concentration without the typical crash or jitters of artificially sweetened, caffeinated drinks.

We developed Arc’s Clarity elixir with the help of scientists and physicians to help everyday people just like us, who are looking to bring their A-game to every pursuit in life.

It’s an all-natural, highly effective formula that stems from the core values we find fundamental to fuel your success in the boardroom, classroom, or field of play.


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