About Us

Meet the Co-founders

Why Arc?

Living a life in focus means dedicating attention to any task you set out to complete. Simple to say, hard to do. Especially in today's world with constant distractions

We wanted focus and clarity without the negative side effects. Caffeine left us jittery and unbalanced. As professionals and athletes, prescription drugs were not an option.

So, we built something better.

A better solution.   

With the intention to develop an innovative, drug-free, natural solution arc© was born. To realize our vision, we used a blend of ingredients that creates a synergistic effect to promote the critical connection between two points, like the name implies, arc. 

arc© is preferred among professionals, students, mothers or anyone looking to move through their day with more ease. 

arc© is a blend of natural ingredients, scientifically derived to create a synergistic and balanced effect.

Bitter Finish. Better Focus.