The ARC Workout: How CBD Can Help You Train More Effectively, With Way Less Pain

There are those among us who can’t possibly imagine that cannabis would be a positive addition to their gym activities. To them, we offer this short rebuttal.


But even if smoking a joint before hitting the gym to become an international bodybuilding sensation may not be your precise jam, Arc passionately believes that hemp products can endow you with the energy, focus, and composure that together help you make greater gains in the gym or while training for your next 5k.


Allow us to explain. In fact, we’re just going to lay out a whole workout plan for you to show how safe, effective CBD can help you when you exercise at your best ability.


Welcome to Your Morning Meditation


You arise to greet a new day, and hopefully, a really good breakfast. But your thoughts are a scramble, fluctuating constantly between a mental to-do list, various appointments, past flubs, and the usual questions about life and its meaning.


This is the perfect hour to practice a quiet meditation. Simply find a peaceful, comfortable place to sit and focus on your breathing, allowing thoughts to come and go, while bringing your attention back to your breathing. The more frequently you train, the more you’ll find anxious thoughts receding into the background, as you begin to control your thoughts instead of letting them control you.


Here’s where Arc can help. A familiar comment from our fans is the sense of “calm focus” they get from drinking our elixir. It’s a state in which you have sustained energy and heightened awareness, but also a relaxed body and mind, perfect for quieting down and concentrating on the sensation of your breath as it draws into your body.


It’s a perfect complement to one’s meditation practice. And if you’re just not feeling it today, you’ll still walk away with the tranquil energy needed to move on to your next exercise.


Now, Let’s Stretch


It’s time to warm your body up with a little stretching or light yoga. These efforts will endure throughout the day, making you feel looser, more concentrated, and less prone to the kinds of sudden injuries that can occur when you’re past 35 and trying to, say, put your socks on. Ouch.


We would never resign you to such a fate. Instead, try supplementing your early warm-ups with Arc Elixir. Our drink was designed to put you in a zone of focus, with CBD that assists your body in loosening up and natural green coffee extract for safe caffeine that keeps you motivated and composed.


All so you can devote yourself to stretching deeper and longer, and taking the time needed to address your entire body without your attention fleeing for the nearest distraction. Also known as… your phone.


Aerobics, Calisthenics… Jazzercise, Whatever You Wanna Call It


We’re going to increase the tempo now to get our heart rates going. Consider using Arc Elixir for a boost of tranquil energy. While many professional athletes are embracing CBD, like you’ll find in Arc, for the spike in focus it gives them, many of our fans also highlight a feeling of light euphoria that helps them get through tough tasks they used to struggle with. Combined with CBD’s ability to defeat anxiety, you may now bound into your session free of the worries or pain we too often expect from a robust workout.


Urrrrgh!! That’s Just Us, Lifting Some Weights


Lifting weights takes concentration. And by now, you know that Arc is quickly becoming renowned for helping people focus without the jitters of a cup of coffee or herbal supplement. Try drinking Arc before weightlifting and you’ll quickly be in a zone where you can push beyond your normal plateaus, with greater energy and determination.


But the benefits don’t stop there. Research on CBD shows it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and may also help reduce blood-pressure. So don’t be afraid to lift harder than usual, as Arc’s unique formula could end up helping to counter the delayed onset of soreness that usually finds you unable to straighten your arm two days later. Not saying you won’t feel the burn, but the pain could very well be blunted with the aid of Arc.




Now that your body is warmed up and your muscles exhausted, we’re going to ramp up the effort with some more intense aerobic exercise like jogging, or if you’re a fan of it, running even.


Long-distance runners and other sports pros know all about getting into “the zone” before they compete. A place where they’re feeling focused, strong, calm, and committed to pushing their limits. Sounds like someone you may know. Right, Arc.


Our formula is celebrated for offering this desirable state to athletes, putting competitors into the right mindset, security, and laser-like focus to push and keep going. And when you’ve finally stopped pounding the pavement, Arc will help with your recovery.


Ah, yes, here comes the best part…


Finish With a Nice Warm Bath

You’ve gone hard. Now you’ve earned a graceful recovery; a major, if often overlooked, part of a proper workout. You owe it to your body to provide some relief and relaxation, which helps boost the gains from your workout while cutting out the pain you may feel the next day.

This is all true. But it’s also our justification for encouraging you to turn the intensity down and pamper yourself a little. CBD, as found in Arc, supports relaxation, and fights the inflammation now affecting your thoroughly depleted muscles, possibly reducing any risk of injury.

Sleep is also a major part of gaining strength and bolstering endurance. So go ahead and have an Arc a few hours before you begin your bedtime ritual. Then draw a hot bath, kick back a little, and think about following that with another meditation session or some hot tea and a book. CBD is famous for its sleep-assisting properties, allowing you a full night of rest and recovery.

Go on, you deserve it.