The arc guide to a chill summer

There are so many reasons to love summer.

And arc is here to give you many more.

Seeing as our duty in life is to provide you with a sense of calm & focus, we’ve rounded up some of the latest, greatest ways to have a peaceful, stress-free, and most importantly, enjoyable season of sun and fun in our guide to having a chill summer.

It’s a simple look into all the activities, events, songs, gear, snacks, and summer styles that will help lead Arc fans to a calm, focused, kicked-back, and all-around incredible time with the people you love.

Take a look!

The Style: It’s hard to achieve full summer bliss when the temperature climbs higher and you’re still stuck in uncomfortable threads. We may live and die by the flip-flops on our feet, but the big question is what to wear above them. When seeking to look great while allowing your torso to maintain it’s cool, you can’t go wrong with light and breathable linen shirts. We like the stylish, affordable linen shirts made by Le Club, which come in attractive colors perfect for summer and transition easily from the beach to a sit-down dinner. As for the in-between, Vuori’s activewear is so comfortable, you may just refuse to take it off all summer, especially its workout-friendly performance shorts for women, and soft, stretchy boardshorts for men, both made with recycled materials.

The Playlist: To keep your pool parties, solo sun-worshipping sessions, and backyard barbecues energized but mellow, we recommend a roster of sunny relaxed tunes. Roots reggae may embody the perfect solution, including 70’s artists from Jimmy Cliff, Culture, the Itals, and Burning Spear to the great Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, and recently departed Bunny Wailer. We also like the bright, pseudo-psychedelic pop of artists like Yuno, Whitney, and the more recent work of Tame Impala that catch a steady, sunburst feel without the frenetic BPM of all that noise blasted around overstuffed Las Vegas pools. And as the sun goes down on your summer sesh, it’s hard to beat the typically wordless, universally admired groove of Khruangbin and poised, soulful falsetto of Rhye.

The Refreshment: Call us biased, but when it comes to summer’s perfect chillout drink, we wouldn’t possibly recommend anything other than Arc. Nothing against Coke or Coors, but Arc provides a healthy, all-natural drink customers love for the sense of calm and balance it provides. And while it’s the ideal elixir to drink for tackling work projects and training sessions, it works just as well when you’re merely looking for a little R&R in between those two things.

The Gear: Whether you’re headed to a cookout or beating the heat around the house, your summer gear shouldn’t ever be a burden. Which is why we recommend easily portable, simple versions of your crucial summer supplies. For barbecues, try the showbox-sized Una Grill, which burns charcoal and fits on any tabletop you encounter, with a handsome leather strap to haul its eight pounds from the trunk to the party. For the cooler that does not require an ice-run, we’ll point you to GoSunChillest, a 45-liter cooler that keeps everything icy using a solar panel. So you have more room for chilly cans of Arc. And rather than send you to who-you-know-who when the need for cold brew strikes, allow us to introduce you to Osma, a machine-in-the-making that makes proper iced coffee in 90 seconds.

The Snacks: Ah, summer. When you’re legally bound to consume as much guacamole as humanly possible. And while you may already have a recipe that knocks your friends dead every time the warmer months come around, you may even be able to top that by making them the insanely specific guacamole recipe that rocker Jack White works into his rider. And while he took it off his Instagram years ago following its leak, it’s still available right here, ready to impress your party. If you want to go more unique yet, we’re big fans of this pomegranate seed-laced guacamole. As for dessert, there’s nothing more summery than ice cream. And nothing more sensational than boozy ice cream. Like the kind being made with globally renowned bartenders by OddFellows. The 24 flavors in their nationally shipped capsule collection include Cosmopolitan, Penicillin, and rum-infused Strawberry Kush.

The Activity: Last summer’s trend may have been sourdough and home-bartending, but now you’re looking to get out and get active. Yoga is a perfect exercise for those seeking a workout with a dose of relaxation. And there’s no newer trend in yoga to try than aqua yoga. The pool-bound routine allows its participants to try yoga positions that might not attempt under the usual forces of gravity, while bolstering your balance during the ones you typically try. Being underwater only adds to the feelings of ease and peace, while reducing the chances of injury. Look for classes anywhere you might normally find aquatic fitness or aquatic aerobics. Your closest YMCA is often the best place to start.

The Event: There may be nothing we missed so much during quarantine as live music. And even as life returns to semi-normal, there are many of us out there still reluctant to cram into an auditorium shoulder-to-shoulder with sweaty strangers. Fortunately, online concerts seem to be sticking around for a while. And as we’re desperate to see some of the legends that won’t be around forever, our hearts thrill to the news that none other than Bob Dylan will be performing live on July 18, his first show in over a year and a half. The intimate gig has a ticket price of only $25, and will be available for 48 hours after its premiere.

Whatever you do this summer, we hope it brings you relaxation. You deserve it.