The 4 Pillars of Arc


We developed Arc’s Clarity elixir with the help of scientists and physicians to help everyday people just like us, who are looking to bring their A-game to every pursuit in life.


It’s an all-natural, highly effective formula that stems from the core values we find fundamental to fuel your success in the boardroom, classroom, or field of play. 


Join us now as we explore the four central pillars we’re dedicated to delivering to all of Arc’s fans.



Lose your concentration and you lose the ability to work, study, and perform at your highest level. We all now live in an age with more distractions and temptations that our brain has evolved to handle.

Helping you maintain your concentration while facing your tasks is our primary goal. So you can always perform as your very best and push through the never ending barriers to achieve spectacular results.

Our formula contains green coffee bean extract for a safe, anxiety-free form of caffeine proven to boost your focus. And a hemp-derived CBD free of THC that puts you in a relaxed, but alert state of mind completely devoid of any narcotic effects.



Endowing you with a clear head is a hallmark of Arc. That’s why it’s one of the only expressions you see on our bottle.

No earthling alive hasn’t experienced some form of burnout. It’s often why babies cry, performance athletes crash in the clutch, and hard workers fizzle out in the middle of the day.

Studies show that many of us today are working much harder than our predecessors, which is a surefire recipe for brain fog.

Arc seeks to boost and sustain your peak mental clarity, as we know that’s the only way to support the greatest performance through all your efforts.

And it’s why we’re proud when Arc fans repeatedly praise the state of relaxed awareness and clarity that keeps them coming back to the product. We’re honored to be able to offer you an energized, and most importantly, clear approach to do your best.



We never want to see our users stop before the finish line. Which is why we’ve tapped the powers of green coffee beans, that give you enhanced energy to push through any assignment or workout, without the jitters you get from coffee or caffeine supplements. Just pure, calm energy to sustain your exercise routine, push through your running record, or finish that dissertation.

We’re not like those neon-colored, caffeine-crammed drinks that scream at you to stay up all night. We’re about providing the kind of tranquil, high energy you might feel after a sound bath, warm-up, or meditation session. The kind that makes you look at all the things you need to accomplish today and say, “no worries, let’s get started.”



What’s the first thing you’re told in an emergency? DON’T PANIC. If you can’t maintain your poise, you’re certainly not going to function at your most creative or enthusiastic self.

Our CBD is sourced from hemp, which will never get you high like cannabis, but will endow you with the cool head, anxiety free, allowing you to jump right into that stack of papers teetering on your desk. Or those blueprints you need to finish by 3pm. Or that school project you’ve been dreading.

These are the objectives that influenced Arc’s creation. Which is why we’ve spent a serious amount of time studying the safest, most effective ingredients to make you excel in your performance.

We developed the kind of product that would help us—entrepreneurs, students and athletes—which is why we use Arc ourselves every day.

It’s our simple goal to lend you a hand in achieving and maintaining the results you need to function at your very best too. With only the safest, most natural components leading the way.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey to peak performance.