How Adaptogens work for you and work in Arc

Have you ever wondered how licorice root could possibly reduce your stress? Or how goji berries might actually boost your energy? And exactly how turmeric enhances your brain and why everybody alive seems to be downing the stuff?

The answer is adaptogens.

That’s basically a fancy word for plants, herbs, and mushrooms that have a unique, individual ability to fight the daily stress on our bodies and minds that are caused by a variety of atmospheric toxins endemic to modern life, be they environmental, chemical, infectious, or even radioactive. The kinds of things Ayurvedic and other forms of traditional Eastern medicine have long embraced.

To put the science simply: Stress kills. And we are what we eat.

Even a tiny Advil, vitamin, or pharmaceutical pill can have dramatic effects on a person’s body, mood, and mind. So when you consider the amount of food we put into our body every day, it really pays to know what’s going into it. Every molecule counts.

You’ll recall your mother urging you to eat less orange chicken nuggets and more colorful fruits and vegetables? Mom was on to something.

Plants are packed with nutrients and antioxidants that fuel and shield our bodies and their internal systems. And a number of them are known as adaptogens, plants that, over time, have developed keen defenses to the strains and stresses of the world like pollution, toxic air, inhalable microplastics, and your bosses’ screaming in your face. Plants that are also able to lend their healing and protective properties to us when we consume them.

Key to adaptogens is their ability to support homeostasis, aka cellular equilibrium, or to be plainer, the ability for your body’s systems to regulate themselves. Our bodies are ridiculously good at adapting, healing, and self-strengthening to deal with daily challenges. But is has to have the right fuel to be able to do this. And Doritos CrunchWraps Supremes ain’t it.

Adaptogens land a one-two punch: They can help your body to regulate bugaboos both atmospheric and behavioral to confront dangers to your internal systems and your mood. People most commonly get into them to reduce and combat stress. Stress is caused by, well… just about everything these days.

To be labeled a true adaptogen, the ingredient must improve and not harm an individual’s core systems, in any way. Most definitely not in the way, that say, a prescription drug can with their long lists of side-effects. Plus, they’re all natural.

Familiar adaptogens include holy basil, renowned for its ability to reduce tension. Ginseng, legendary for enhancing energy, slicing and dicing stress, and bolstering the immune system. And Reishi mushrooms, which improve everything from the functioning of your lungs to decreasing inflation and fighting fatigue.

Which brings us to Arc. Our clarity elixir uses all natural ingredients that are widely admired for reducing your stress, enhancing your energy, and tightening your focus to help you in your work projects, workouts, and meditations. One reason our fans love Arc is for the adaptogen-like ability of our ingredients to work in concert together.

Our simple ingredient list includes Suntheanine L-Theanine, an amino acid taken from tea leaves that is commonly added to adaptogen mushroom supplements for its ability to cut anxiety and raise your relaxation.

Arc’s safe caffeine comes from green coffee beans, crucial for elevating your energy levels without the frayed nerves often derived from standard coffee and energy drinks.

The most effective ingredient in our elixir is, of course, CBD. We take great pride in sourcing safe, effective hemp-extract-obtained CBD devoid of any psychoactive compounds, resulting in a powerful, safe, therapeutic product that delivers clear, calm focus to its adherents.

Our embrace of plant-derived ingredients is part of an increasing favor for safe, potent adaptogens and natural ingredients that have the power to improve your health and focus.

Arc is honored that our product not only reduces your stress and unease, and enriches your concentration, but is also part of a larger, growing movement that looks to the best of our outdoor world to enhance our inner worlds.