A Day in The Life of arc's Co-Founders



We spoke with Gary and Betsy about building the brand, but this time we wanted to ask them more personal details on how they live a focused lifestyle.


What does a typical day in the life look like for you two?

G: In a word, exhilarating but exhausting. A typical day starts with an early to rise mentality which puts into motion a myriad of different mission-oriented activities. I’m a true believer that the day can’t start off well without a wholesome breakfast. Because I believe food is essential “fuel” I only select what I feel will help me power through my morning until I’m able to refuel. During breakfast however there occurs what can only be described as controlled chaos. We have two kids in the house at any given time, one of which sees me as his own short-order cook, demanding nothing less than the finest breakfast cuisine. The other, a daughter who is in the process of participating in a fitness competition whose diet is even more dialed in than my own given the requirements of her competition. There are also two dogs demanding to be fed and then let out lest they mistake the oriental rug for their favorite patch of grass. It seems often an inevitability that we’re all in the kitchen at the same time and without extreme focus, it seems as if it’s an impossible task to get anything accomplished.
Now that the kids are fed and before we have to take Cam to tennis camp for the morning, now it’s our turn to satisfy our cravings. I’m still at the helm cooking up scrambled eggs for Betsy and me most days with a complement of oatmeal or Daves wholegrain bread. She’s typically multi-tasking, whipping the eggs while brewing her first of many cups of java. We then join forces to make sure lunch is made and the kids are off to their activities.
Since we both work from home, once back at the domicile we’ll dive into our day. They are typically packed with a wealth of our own responsibilities which provide their own unique challenges. Running a business while working full time for two tech companies can sometimes be overwhelming but we love what the flexibility of our work schedules allow us to accomplish on multiple fronts.
After most days we look forward to heading to the gym to work off some of the day's frustrations. We both have a passion for exercise and the time we spend at our health club is both liberating and therapeutic. It helps us re-center so we can sleep better at night and also significantly helps to reduce stress.
Following our routines, we head back home to whip up a balanced meal before bed. Because we also share a passion for cooking, we’ll collaborate on the responsibility of preparation before sitting down to enjoy the end result. Over dinner, we’ll reflect on the day's events and anything we need to address the following day and or week ahead.
B: Ditto. Gary’s really captured the essence of our days, not much I can add to the above other than our restroom breaks, jk :) I’m also a big planner so when I’m operating at my best I try to start each morning reflecting by journaling and planning out my day (in an old school planner, no gadgets for Betsy before breakfast).
Between a full-time job, an executive MBA program, arc, weight lifting, and boxing --- I also try to stay centered by taking lots of walks with the pups.
My favorite part of our daily routine, however, is the time we spend at night together going through what we need to get done the next day and dreaming about our future.


What are some of your hobbies?

G: We both lead extremely active lifestyles. We work out at the gym religiously and to supplement we both box. We enjoy water sports like skiing and surfing and really anything competitive. We recently welcomed a new addition to our family, a sheepadoodle pup named Oscar who while challenging at times is cute as a button. He has a big brother Murphy, a Boston Terrier (or little brother due to the size difference) who he antagonizes relentlessly. We have a passion for creating so when given the opportunity to immerse ourselves in this endeavor, we couldn’t have been more up to the challenge.
B: And lots of puppy walks and I’m also a giant nerd so you can often find my nose in a book.
What does your focus or workspace look like?
B: Currently, Gary has an at-home office with a proper door.
G: Betsy has a “mobile” at- home work desk... it moves from her desk in the basement (darn COVID has really drained the broadband so the internet rarely works down there now) to the kitchen table, the dining room table, the bedroom couch or the edge of Gary’s desk when she wants to be a pest :-0 Currently in search for a new domicile with two proper work from home offices.



Inspirational quote of the moment:

G: "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing."
B: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t --- you’re right.” - Henry Ford (this quote appeared in my high school yearbook and my Kellogg eMBA yearbook!)


Top on your Focus Playlist:

G: At work for inspiration I listen to podcasts like How I built this with Guy Raz, Masters of Scale, The Life coach school... Neither of us really listens to music to focus at work but when we do it’s like something more classical or ambient.
At the gym - either classic rock or old school rap for Betsy.


 Brands that inspire us:

G&B: Bubly, Bai, Rebel, quip


Life Hack of all Life Hacks:

G: I think our life is a walking life hack and we have so many...I’m struggling to think of one:
B: The more you plan the more spontaneous you can be, seriously! Gary still fights me on this one :)
G: Flip your almond jars over so the oil isn’t all at the top
B: Plan your meals weekly. Pro Tip - get a fun board to hang in the kitchen so your kids join in the fun too.


Guilty Pleasure:

G: Talenti N. 51 - Cold brew coffee, iced coffee (I’ve got this down to a science at home), Fortnight, watching the original Predator and the very occasional pizza (Amy’s Margherita Pizza or Mod).
B: Hallmark Christmas Movies, the eurythmics, dark chocolate, singing in the shower and coffee… all the coffee


Favorite time to take arc:

G: In the morning, right before a busy day
B: 5am before writing a paper for school and jumping on my first work call