ABC's: Betsy Wormet & Gary Hinz, the Founders Behind the Brand

Tell us about your self-identified archetype?

Gary: 42% Intellectual, 37% Athlete, 21% Visionary
Betsy: My nickname for Gary is Clark Kent -- he's an intellectual by day and athlete by night, he's absolutely an intellectual jock. Gary’s mind is always coming up with new fact, one of the first gifts I ever bought Gary was a little notebook to keep by his bed to keep track of them all!
I’d suspect his 4th archetype is also a caregiver because he is happiest when he knows we are happy, comfortable and fed, he never stops caring for us.
Betsy: 53% Visionary, 29% Intellectual, 18% Caregiver
Gary: Betsy is smart as a whip and fiercely loyal to friends and family. A critical thinker with an ardent commitment to whatever she sets her mind to.


What inspired you to start arc?

G: We were seeking to help people reestablish balance. There are so many distractions today that it’s easy to become consumed with that which surrounds you. This can lead to other complications such as stress, anxiety, depression and a general feeling of defeat, like things are spinning out of control. During our initial research, one of our ingredients showed tremendous promise helping people re-center. The additional ingredients we added helped to further accentuate each product's attributes to help establish true balance.
B: To be honest, my first inspiration was to see a brand come to life. To start with a piece of paper and watch a business be born. Gary and I used to spend hours at night going through lists and lists of names. Naming our work baby, Arc, was one of the greatest joys in this process. As the name implies, we wanted to develop a product that would act as a pathway that connects two points - getting you where you are today to where you want to be. Arc was perfect for us because as professionals and athletes, we felt like prescription drugs and straight caffeine or highly caffeinated and sugary energy drinks just weren’t cutting here we are!


What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in the process of bringing arc to life?

G: One of the most important things I’ve learned during the process is the value of perseverance and teamwork. No one person holds all of the answers but collectively, given the different skill sets we all possess, the team effort has enabled us to overcome many of the obstacles that we encountered that we couldn’t account for or have possibly foreshadowed. It was through sheer determination that when we encountered those impediments that we were able to work through a variety of solutions until we solved the challenge at hand.
B: Absolutely and... it’s always going to take you twice as long and cost twice as much as you could ever imagine starting a quality brand.


Why did you start using CBD / L-Theanine for the most part?

G: It was through the recommendation of my friend, who also happens to be a physician and our other co-founder that I thought I would give it a try. He at least served as the catalyst for me to do more in depth research and ultimately sample the product which at the time was to some degree shrouded by controversy. After becoming more comfortable with it and understanding it’s true benefits I became an instantaneous advocate.
I think like many, I experienced stress and anxiety at times. Like most, I just started to accept the fact that its part of living a focused and meaningful life. I thought stress and anxiety just came with the determination I have in general. Yes, there are medications to combat stress... but it wasn't something I ever wanted to use because of the side effects. After sampling CBD, however, I noticed that I was much more centered in terms of my response to things that would normally cause my anxiety. I could only attribute that to the use of CBD. All the studies supported it and to my surprise...I was actually able to reduce my stress with a natural remedy.
We didn’t originally consider the inclusion of L-theanine until we performed some additional research on this ingredient. Once we tested a combination of it with green coffee and CBD, the sensation these ingredients created was something we knew we had to be shared with others, and through that - the arc formula was born.
B: Yes, when you're future-focused and goal-oriented like Gary and me, anxiety is an inevitable part of the game. When you try to mix jobs, kids, school, time for ourselves, time for each other with starting a business, stress is also unavoidable.
Through research, we uncovered the power of mixing CBD, L Theanine and caffeine to combat anxiety while giving a locked-in focus unachievable by caffeine. It has helped keep us calmer, happier, and more focused.


Why do you keep using CBD?

G: CBD alone can help reestablish balance. I won't stop appreciating CBD - but combined with the additional ingredients we formulated, it has a nootropic effect. We refer to it as our Clarity Elixir because it creates a sensation of purpose and confidence and enables me to hone-into any task at hand for hours until completion.
B: What Gary said!


Launching a startup amidst COVID-19 is no easy feat. What were your go-to tips for navigating our new normal, maintaining focus, and handling stress?

G: Betsy and I were both working from home long before the pandemic... so the new normal for us was really the old normal! We were both very fortunate that we have flexible schedules. The passion we both have about this product also helped us maintain focus to bring it to life. We didn't cut corners and applied proven methods to ensure we were making progress each week. It doesn’t hurt that we kept each other honest and motivated during those times when things got overwhelming...and it certainly helped to have the support of a partner who shared the mindset that “we’re in this together”.
B: I think our best recommendation based on years of working from home and finding balance across work, life, school, and kids would be --- do your best to create a routine that you can live by, it will help keep you focused and sane. Being trapped indoors, it’s very important to take time to be outside and exercise. Plan some downtime to recharge. And if you are so lucky, find a life partner that shares your passion, vision for life and holds you accountable to your own goals and dreams.


Give us Your Ultimate Life Hack

G: I think our life is a walking life hack and we have so many...I’m struggling to think of one
B: The more you plan the more spontaneous you can be, seriously! Gary still fights me on this one :)
G: Flip your almond jars over so the oil isn’t all at the top!
B: Plan your meals weekly. Pro Tip - get a fun board to hang in the kitchen so your kids join in the fun too.


Lastly, What are your Spirit Animals?

B: I’m answering this one for both of us. Gary is absolutely a lion and I’m without a doubt a wolf.