7 Signs That You May Need More Focus

7 Signs That You May Need More Focus

By Hadley Tomicki 

The cellphone is ringing.

Slack is binging.

And there’s a persistent sensation that you’ll miss out on the next major world development if you don’t check in on cable news every 16 seconds.

In other words, there is no shortage of reasons why you may find yourself feeling distracted in 2021.

Which makes it difficult to tell if you’re merely preoccupied or facing a more severe challenge to your concentration that could hurt your ability to perform your best at work, break through plateaus during your workouts, or function as a normal adult human during the remainder of your days and nights.

As specialists on revitalizing your concentration, Arc Focus is here to help you pinpoint the signs that you may need a gentle boost that will allow you to prioritize, dig into, and complete any project or goal. And fortunately, we also have the solution for it in our natural and effective Clarity Elixir.

Join us as we review 7 signs that may indicate that it’s time for the support of Arc Focus to improve and sustain your attention and motivation.

The situation: You have a tendency to get distracted. Or, to put it in medical terms, you’re suffering from scatterbrain.

The signs: Your to-do lists keep getting longer, your projects remain half-finished, and you never feel as if you’re in “the zone” to pay proper attention to getting things done without being distracted. Especially not when your inbox calls out to you like a needy toddler. Cognitive fatigue and a dip in your performance are certain to follow this pattern of turning your attention in too many directions.

The situation: Agitation has become your default state.

The signs: You’re cursing other drivers. And blowing your top at the bank. You’ve spoken to a loved one in a way you shortly regret. You’re feeling homicidal when a friend suggests meditation, even though you know they’re right. A shot of calm focus can help you realign your priorities, allowing you to be more productive, sleep deeper, and train your intentions on what really matters, all while feeling relaxed, present, and attentive at the same time.

The situation: You’ve got the low-energy blues.

The signs: You have no motivation to crack your laptop. Nor do you feel like going on that jog you’ve pledged yourself to today. You refuse to rely on coffee, or anything stronger, holding out hope for an enhancement to your energy, minus the jitters expected from a high-caffeine brew.

The situation: Sleeplessness

The signs: You’re lying in bed and your thoughts are racing. Worries surface about all the things you need to do tomorrow, the things you didn’t get finished today, and, for some reason, you can’t get the beat for “Under Pressure” out of your head. You’re not alone, over 50 million Americans suffer from sleeping problems. The inability to focus with calm and clarity while clearing your mind turns out to be a 24-hour issue.

The situation: You’re overwhelmed by this thing called “life.”

The signs: You can’t even finish a grocery list, let alone tackle all the work or school deadlines in front of you. You’re absent the ability to prioritize or stay on task, with so many things feeling like they’re crashing upon you at once. You yearn for the single-mindedness that got you where you are today, when things seemed so simple.

The situation: You’re memory is muddled.

The signs: You forgot your closest friend’s birthday. And didn’t quite remember the due date of your big report. And you’ve just walked into the kitchen for the 32nd time only to forget why you’re in there. There’s no miracle cure. But being more alert, present, and focused can only improve what you fear could become a worsening situation.

The situation: You’re struggling to make a breakthrough.

The signs: You know a slump when you hit one. You’re stuck at the same level doing the same things, unable to lift heavier, run further, or break out of your cubicle and seize the corner office. If only you had something that improved your focus, while keeping you calm and energized at the same time...