5 Powerful Ways to Enhance Your Focus In Your Daily Routine

Arc is dedicated to supplying you with fundamental knowledge that really matters when it comes to maintaining and boosting your attention, energy, and mind-state. Because we know it can be tough out there in the modern world.

So right now, we’re jumping in to explore all kinds of ways we can strengthen our ability to calmly focus and put our best feet forward in our daily lives as we pursue our work, studies, and pursuits. While also reducing the anxiety and stress that only serves to stymie our concentration.

Take a look and get started today.

1) Get Your Game On

Sharpening your concentration doesn’t have to be hard labor. In fact, it can be fun. Just about anything you devote your attention to over a sustained amount of time helps to strengthen your ability to pay attention and reduce your impulses to seek out empty distractions like checking Instagram or mindlessly opening the fridge to see what’s new in there.

If you feel your concentration fails you easily, try giving your brain a daily workout by taking on a different jigsaw puzzle, Sodoku, or crossword puzzle that corresponds to your skill level. It doesn’t have to be too challenging, as long as you try to see it through. Studies show that 15 minutes a day can have big benefits for your focus.

If you’re looking to further strengthen your attention, consider a game with greater variables that require more intense levels of focus, such as chess, Go, or Bridge, which are famously powerful exercises for improving and using your concentration.

If you have young kids and you’d like to work together on improving your focus, we recommend a classic game of memory matching, which you can play with a pack of playing cards, taking turns to turn over two cards until you find a matching pair of suites or numbers.

Older kids, particularly if their hobbies veer towards the geekier end of the scale, may be ready for Magic: the Gathering, which is notorious for requiring a level of concentration most adults do not possess.

And while digital distractions are usually the enemy when it comes to maintaining one’s focus, puzzle-themed, problem-solving video games such as Portal 2, The Witness, and The Talos Principle are challenging and involved enough to help hone your mind. Just don’t overdo them. An hour of video games should be sufficient to boost your brain, according to preliminary studies.

2) Maintain Healthy Daily Habits

There are things you can do every day to keep your brain, and your focus along with it, in shape. Starting with sleep. Not getting enough of it quickly damages your ability to “selective focus,” which is your capacity to maintain concentration on one thing in the face of multiple distractions.

Diet and hydration are similarly crucial to keep your brain operating in tip-top shape. A steady regimen of Lucky Charms, Fudge Stripe cookies, and other processed do not provide the nutrients that fuel your thinking process in the same way a smart diet balancing crucial fat, protein, and carbs from a range of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats will.

Your body needs to be strong to support its mental functions. Exercise not only reveals the muscles that make you look good, but it also keeps the arteries responsible for blood flow to your brain (and other useful organs) healthy and supple. Moderate aerobic activity has even been shown to reverse memory loss for older adults. Exercise also gives us a chance to immerse ourselves in nature, which is proven to relax people, boost our happiness, and give us a mental break from the distractions and anxieties of our day-to-day toils.

Maintaining some form of daily exercise, be it an enthusiastic walk around your neighborhood or a weight-lifting session at the gym, also promotes a night of restful sleep, which brings us full circle to what we said earlier.

It’s also a great advantage to pursue a daily hobby that connects your mind and your body, both you’re your focus and health. Yoga, meditation, martial arts, mindful breathing, or even the aforementioned brain games will help tune up your concentration, balance, and coordination with lifelong benefits.

3) Let ARC Help You

We value your state-of-mind. Which is why we designed Arc, a safe and effective elixir that contains hemp extract-derived CBD and other natural ingredients to imbue you with an unparalleled state of “calm focus” our customers love for the leg up in gives you to get your work, studies, or workout done.

We use green coffee beans to provide you a jitter-free energy because caffeine is shown to be a safe and proven way of enhancing one’s attention. And Arc also contains L-Theanine, a natural amino acid pulled from green tea leaves that helps reduce anxiety and boosts relaxation. Meanwhile, our CBD formula gives Arc drinkers the signature “calm focus” they look to us for, without any high that can result from full-spectrum CBD.

There are a lot of supplements out there that promise to boost your focus and turn down your stress. We weren’t happy with any of them and don’t trust many of them. Which is why we formulated our own for people just like us who want to reach their best performance in work and working out.

4) Consider Technology

Yes, technology —specifically “smart” phones— is the most likely cause of our society’s epidemic loss of focus. But like all things in the 21st century, technology can also be a solution. We know. Weird, right?

If you’re looking for dynamic innovation that can improve your concentration, well, there are about six-zillion different subscription and free websites and apps devoted to sharpening your mind and maintaining your concentration. Just Google “focus” if you need convincing. Luminosity is one of the most recognizable names, while Rosetta Stone has Fit Brains Trainer boasting over 360 exercises.

But for anyone who needs help maintaining focus on a work or school project, we have reaped noticeable benefits from Focus Keeper in the past, which employs the famous “Pomodoro Method” to help you get the most from your work sessions without suffering from the usual burn out.

Actual physical devices for better concentration are also numerous. Focus-improving headsets like the Focus Gamer and the Focus Band are giving us a window into what the future of concentration-building and anxiety-decreasing tech just might look like.

5) Relax. Just Do It.

Sounds easy in theory, right? But we all know how quickly our minds get overburdened with deadlines, anxieties, obligations, and the sheer weight of working too hard for too long without getting up or looking away. We’re feeling stressed just talking about it.

But finding a moment to mentally or physically break away from what you’re concentrating on is probably the most potent thing we have in those moments when our attention is sapped, our energy is low, and we feel like we’re going to create an international incident if Sheila plays one more second of soft jazz in her cubicle.

In these moments, you need to step away and do anything you can to get out of your head and loosen up your body. Find a quiet corner away from your desk and take a few deep breaths. Doodle a self-portrait. Listen to a quick and effective stitch of classical music, ideally Baroque. Recall a favorite joke. Or if possible, take a five-minute stroll.

Anything that shakes you out of the posture and mental state that brought you to the brink of desperation will pay dividends when you’re forced to get back to work.

By paying attention to how we feel throughout our day and making small changes with our concentration in mind, we can take advantage of these important moments when we can hone our concentration into a strong, effective superpower.